Even the smallest company has a website, and making sure that people can see it is essential. Competition is rife in all avenues, and getting ahead of the opposition can be difficult, and that’s why you need effective search engine optimisation. SEO is not just about making sure you are ranked high on the search engines, but also about getting traffic where it matters, and that’s why you need SEO Studio to provide you with expert services in the field.

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If you have been burgled lately you will be well aware that it is traumatic experience; not only have you lost valuable possessions, but someone uninvited has been in your home, and it can be unnerving to know that. Fortunately, there is a security solution that is proven to be effective as a garden fence in Cape Town, affordable and attractive, and it’s available from Topfence, who operate in the Cape Town region.


Topfence specialises in bespoke manufactured high-security palisade fencing, and they have a reputation for excellent service and quality products. They perform every part of the job from the initial survey to the manufacture and installation, so you are guaranteed the best quality available, and they offer a choice of specially made gates for your specific location. Have a look at the Topfence website now for more information on their security solutions, or get in touch with them and one of their team will be happy to help.

construction stuff

Are you looking for affordable, top quality brand name construction equipment for sale? If so, take a look at the range on offer from BS Commercial Power, the leading name in the industry in South Africa and the surrounding countries. With brand names such as Honda, Briggs & Stratton and more in their range, you are guaranteed the best in the business at the right price they even have the best prices in scaffolding in Cape Town.

BS Commercial Power has many satisfied customers in construction, agriculture and forestry – as well as many domestic customers for lawn and garden care equipment – and has a reputation for excellent service, and they are adding to their stock all the time. Check out the range on offer at BS Commercial Power right away, or have a look at their website and you will see that you are dealing with a quality outfit. For all your construction equipment requirements they are the only people you need to talk to.

platter meatsAre you looking for fresh, original ideas for catering for a party? If so, you need to check out the excellent snack platters from Farmhouse Co, which are very impressive in their variety and quality. Farmhouse Co is the best catering in Pretoria and has many satisfied, regular customers across the country, and you can shop online for extra convenience. With a great choice – and sensible prices – your party food will be the best you ever taste.

You can choose from sweet platters, breakfasts selections, meat platters and more, and there are also vegetarian and fruit options to satisfy all your guests. Each platter is designed to serve ten people, and the food is guaranteed fresh. Check out the Farmhouse Co website right now for all the information you need on their delicious snack platters and other products and services, and we believe you will become another regular customer.

If you look after your skin properly you will look, and feel, younger for longer, yet some brands – for some people – can cause irritation. But at Babor you are getting safe, tested products that only use natural ingredients, and none that may be potentially harmful.

beautyBabor has been in the business of skin care and cosmetics South Africa for many years, and they have a carefully developed range of quality products for both men and women. With a wealth of anti-ageing and the best eye cream products from babor.com they are proud of a reputation for excellent service, and you will find their prices are also favorable.

Check out the Babor website for more details and information on their active ingredients, and you will see how affordable it is to use quality, professional standard skin care products that are developed by experts. It could be the best decision you make to decide to shop for your beauty products with Babor.

The regular board meeting is an essential one, but it is also a time-consuming thing to arrange. You need to plan the agenda with the CEO, create any necessary packs or information, and ensure someone is available to distribute them, take minutes, and handle any post-meeting necessities. All of this takes up valuable time, and all involved could be better used where they are more productive.

That’s why we recommend you take a look at the range of solutions provided by Kilgetty Statutory Services like company registration Durban, who have been helping companies across South Africa with secretarial and statutory solutions for some time. They have many satisfied clients who use their services on a regular basis, and can help you save time on money in all of the above areas, as well as company registration and transcription services in cape Town and Durban South Africa .

Have a look at their website now, or give them a call and one of their team will be happy to help.

In recent years many people and businesses in the Western Cape region have taken advantage of the perfect weather conditions and reduced their energy costs by installing solar power systems. Many have used the services of Max Yield Energy, the market leading installers in the region with a reputation for excellent service and great prices.

Max Yield Energy can advise you on the best system for you, and will produce an accurate quote after surveying your energy requirements. They have a team of experts who are fully experienced in the field of solar water pump inverter, and will happily answer any questions you may have.

With a choice of different types of solar solution available, Max Yield Energy are the perfect people to ensure that you get the very best in the business, so why not get in touch right away, and see how you could benefit from the very latest in solar energy solutions.

Are you up to speed with Android TV? If not, you need to be, because it is changing the way we watch films and television. At SilverStream, the leading name in the business in South Africa, they offer a variety of packages, and all at a fraction of the cost of a new Smart TV. All you need is a current HD television and a broadband connection of 4meg or more, and you’re ready to go and get live tv streaming online South Africa!

SilverStream offers a variety of packages, some designed for gamers complete with game pads, and you may be surprised how affordable they are to play android gaming systems. You simply plug the box in, switch on, and choose the content you want to access; no cable or satellite fees, just your one-off outlay, and that’s it! Have a look at the SilverStream website now, and get in on the act – you can’t afford to miss out on this great revolution!

Part of attending an event is the opportunity for networking with like-minded attendees, and having a mobile app that enhances the opportunity can be a very clever move. Especially if, as with the excellent apps from HelloCrowd for a mobile app for event and conferences, you get a branded app for enhanced brand awareness.

HelloCrowd is a cleverly developed and proven mobile event app for smartphones, and comes in a variety of packages. Standard features include an agenda, attendee profiles – great for networking – plus maps and floor plans, speaker profiles and much more, and there are opportunities for feedback and broadcasting messages.

With the HelloCrowd the organiser gets and easier ride – and a smoothly run event – while attendees get access to real time informationtimespentcategories that is informative and up to date, so they can enjoy the event to the full. Whatever it is you are organising a branded event app from HelloCrowd makes sense, so have a chat to them now and request a free demo.

If you are searching for quality gifts to give away to clients of visitors at events and functions, take a close look at the comprehensive range of items on offer from Brandability, the leading name in corporate branded goods and promotional clothing in South Africa.

corporateWith a reputation for excellent service and quality solutions, Brandability is the only name you need to remember if you want to choose from a wide variety of items, each of which can be branded with your corporate logo or name in the most appropriate fashion.

With excellent prices and a guarantee of quality products – you also get free delivery on orders of in excess of R1000 and they offer a free artwork service, too – you are getting the very best in value for money, so why not have a closer look at the Brandability website now, and check out their current range of special offers.

The stunning beaches and perfect weather conditions in Cape Town make it the number one destination for kite-surfers, and it’s also the best place to learn this invigorating and exciting sport. Indeed, as the fastest growing water sport in the world it is no surprise that the courses on offer at Kitesurfing Lessons Cape Town are very popular.

Kite Surfing Lessons Cape Town offers a choice of courses, starting with a one-day introductory session and going all the way through to full courses that allow you to become a competent kite surfer and you can do kitesurfing Langebaan, and they do so using highly skilled and qualified instructors. They promise a fun time, and it is a perfect choice for a day or so of family fun.

Why not check out the Kite Surfing Lessons Cape Town website now, or fill in the online enquiry form for more information on kite surfing opportunities in Cape Town.

aquacultureThe natural balance of open waterways is essential to the flora and fauna that live within, yet it can easily become unbalanced thanks to organic waste build-up. Fortunately, this can be dealt with by using the AquaClean range of products distributed across Africa by BluePlanet SA, products like biostimulation South Africa.

AquaClean is a biological product that, by way of its active ingredients, will enhance oxidisation in the water and help degrade organic compounds. It has been out to use in lakes and lagoons, plus rivers, and is proven to be highly effective as well as entirely safe for biological wastewater treatment too.

Non-toxic and biodegradable, AquaClean also complies with environmental regulations, and is used worldwide in aquaculture, agriculture and industry for a variety of purposes. Check out the BluePlanet SA website right now for more information on the full product range, or get in touch and one of their team will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Are you hosting a party this summer and looking for a great catering idea? Why not have a hog roast? It makes a great talking point for your guests, and also provides delicious food that will be the talk of the town ever after! They could even be you wedding caterers in London.

London Spit Roast offers a range of options at excellent prices, and they believe they have the best deals in the business. They cater for everything from private parties to large events you need the best catering services London, and provide a chef so you don’t have to worry about the food.

At London Spit Roast you get value for money and can choose a package to cater for the number of guests you have arriving, so you get what you need with little waste. You can also choose a lamb roast, mixed package or a barbeque package, so get in touch now for more information or to talk to them about your requirements.

Are you searching for a suitable tombstone design for a loved one? It’s a hard decision and one that is often taken at a time when you have a lot on your mind. You need to find one that is a fitting memorial for the deceased, and that will stand the test of time, and that’s why you should talk to the friendly, expert team at Kosh Granite.

Tombstone North westKosh Granite has been serving South African customers for many years, and has already installed 3000 beautiful, high quality granite tombstones north west and across the country. They will work with you on your own design or you can pick one from their extensive catalogue, and rest assured that your tombstone will be crafted by skilled artisans.

For more information, you should check out the Kosh Granite website now, or get in touch to discuss your individual details with one of the expert team.

The importance of efficient ventilation and filtration solutions in the workplace cannot be over-stressed; it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the workplace is a safe and healthy place to be at all times, and there can be many risks and health hazards associated with various industrial processes.

At hptafrica.com you can take advantage of expertise and experience that is second to none, and they offer bespoke solutions in many areas of waste management, extraction and ventilation that are used by household names in South Africa and the neighbouring countries.

HPT Africa can help with systems for everything from small carpentry workshops to major industrial installations, and you are guaranteed the same professional approach whatever you require. For more information on their various solutions, or to talk to one of their advisers about your requirements, visit the website now and they will be more than happy to help.

You have probably used comparison websites in the past for a variety of products – generally insurance and financial packages – and now there is a comparison site for painting work. Painting Quotes covers all of South Africa and they have many satisfied clients who have already saved time and money using what is a simple and effective solution for painting contractors Cape Town.

Painting Quotes works by asking you to present your details and requirements on a simple online request form, and then forwarding that information to as many as four relevant and convenient service providers. They then come back to you with their best price, as quickly as possible.

If this interests you, and you like saving time as well as money, then why not check out the Painting Quotes website right now for more information, or fill in the online request form and get as many as four quotes in double quick time.

Are you looking for a professional private investigations company in Johannesburg, one that you can trust to provide you with accurate results and discreet service? Look no further than S.W.A.T PI, the leading name in the surveillance and investigations world in and around the city you can even hire them to do a lie detector test.

S.W.A.T PI have many satisfied clients who have already taken advantage of the team of experts they use, each of whom has the requisite experience and knowledge to carry out the job required, and will happily handle any job including checking on a cheaters of partner, corporate fraud, background checks and more.

They offer a guaranteed professional service at rates they believe to be the best in the business, and also give you the assurance that their agents not only know their job, but also know the area they work in. Why not give them a call right now, and one of the team will be happy to talk to you in confidence.

One of the most impressive growth areas in the automobile world is that of the Chinese market and vehicle for sale in South Africa, which has seen amazing improvement and development in recent years. While the domestic market is strong, the overseas markets have yet to see much in the way of Chinese cars and vehicles, but that is changing rapidly cause they have great affordable vehicles.

JMC SA brings a full range of commercial and other vehicles to the South African market, and they offer excellent quality, reliable and durable vehicles at very impressive prices. With a full dealership and service network – and lengthy warranties as standard – you are guaranteed not only impressive specifications but cost-effectiveness, so whether you are a fleet manager or an individual, take a close look at the JMC range of vehicles right away, or get in touch with a dealer near you and they will be more than happy to arrange a test drive.

There are some beautiful and truly charming towns in South Africa, and Clarens is one of the most impressive. Located in the very heart of the Free State and with spectacular mountain surroundings, the town is home to fine restaurants, pubs and shops, and also offers excellent luxury accommodation Clarens in the shape of Clarens Eddies.
Clarens Eddies offers a choice of five units self-catering for up to seven people, and each has wonderful views of the nearby mountains. With satellite TV and Wi-Fi in each unit – and a private entrance – you can relax in the evenings, and enjoy your days white water rafting, hot air ballooning or walking in the mountains.

This is a wonderful part of South Africa with plenty to see and do, so why not check out the Clarens Eddies website now, and look for special offers and discounts at the best accommodation in the area.

Are you in the market for painting services in the Cape Town region? If so, you will know it is a competitive market and may already have spent plenty of your own time searching for reliable service providers, only to remain unsure you’ve found the right one. You need to check out Painters Cape Town, a great comparison site that has already service many satisfied customers.

Painters Cape TownInterior Painting Cape Town has access to the best painting companies in the region, and when you fill in their simple online form, they forward your details to as many as four painting companies. You will get prices back very quickly, and there is no obligation to use the services offered. However, they are confident you will find one that you are satisfied with, and it’s a free service! Have a look at the Painters Cape Town website now, and see just how much money you could save.