Are you up to speed with Android TV? If not, you need to be, because it is changing the way we watch films and television. At SilverStream, the leading name in the business in South Africa, they offer a variety of packages, and all at a fraction of the cost of a new Smart TV. All you need is a current HD television and a broadband connection of 4meg or more, and you’re ready to go and get live tv streaming online South Africa!

SilverStream offers a variety of packages, some designed for gamers complete with game pads, and you may be surprised how affordable they are to play android gaming systems. You simply plug the box in, switch on, and choose the content you want to access; no cable or satellite fees, just your one-off outlay, and that’s it! Have a look at the SilverStream website now, and get in on the act – you can’t afford to miss out on this great revolution!

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