Are you looking for a professional private investigations company in Johannesburg, one that you can trust to provide you with accurate results and discreet service? Look no further than S.W.A.T PI, the leading name in the surveillance and investigations world in and around the city you can even hire them to do a lie detector test.

S.W.A.T PI have many satisfied clients who have already taken advantage of the team of experts they use, each of whom has the requisite experience and knowledge to carry out the job required, and will happily handle any job including checking on a cheaters of partner, corporate fraud, background checks and more.

They offer a guaranteed professional service at rates they believe to be the best in the business, and also give you the assurance that their agents not only know their job, but also know the area they work in. Why not give them a call right now, and one of the team will be happy to talk to you in confidence.

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