If you have been burgled lately you will be well aware that it is traumatic experience; not only have you lost valuable possessions, but someone uninvited has been in your home, and it can be unnerving to know that. Fortunately, there is a security solution that is proven to be effective as a garden fence in Cape Town, affordable and attractive, and it’s available from Topfence, who operate in the Cape Town region.


Topfence specialises in bespoke manufactured high-security palisade fencing, and they have a reputation for excellent service and quality products. They perform every part of the job from the initial survey to the manufacture and installation, so you are guaranteed the best quality available, and they offer a choice of specially made gates for your specific location. Have a look at the Topfence website now for more information on their security solutions, or get in touch with them and one of their team will be happy to help.

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